When I first got my Fitbit Flex I loved it. I loved the motivation I got and couldn’t wait form my “buzz” of hitting my goal. (Actually the first time it happened I almost fell off the treadmill because it startled me so much! ) I wore it like a piece of my fitness gear. I wore it 24/7. Everyday, for over a year. I even got more bands so it could go with more outfits.20150312_180145

But I need to take a break from it. It has lost its purpose of motivating me. I think because I wore it all the time that it became more like just something I wore as an accessory like a bracelet or necklace. It has no meaning right now since the buzz is no longer new and I move a lot more than I used to.

I think that like most things in life you need to take a break from something to really appreciate it. This could be eliminating something from your eating plan or not being able to exercise outside due to the weather. I know I appreciate the days it is warmer and less windy and I just bask in the sun and being able to exercise and be active outside without all the layers.quote-improvise-adapt-overcome-from-cafepress

Will I go back to wearing the Fitbit? That is a good question. It feels odd being ‘naked’ after wearing it constantly. I think I will have to find something else as a physical mantra;maybe a bracelet with encouraging words. Reminders are good things but changing them to meet our growth as people may be what is needed.

How do you find motivation? How do you maintain your desire to be more fit and active? I look forward to hearing your thoughts!394012_231896963556846_182848868461656_515747_291650280_n