actSo the first week has been a great learning opportunity for getting back on track. If you didn’t see the last post I started using again to keep track of food and fitness. I’ve used it before so I had a decent base of “favorites” to make logging easier but it really is very easy to use if you are just starting as well. I really just tried to be more observant and not really go crazy changing anything drastically to to see where my habits need changing.

So what did I learn this week?


I don’t drink enough water. I drink lots of coffee and tea but not enough plain water. Some of it may be the cold weather, some may be just poor habits. Or I just really like coffee. Once I started drinking more water I noticed that I had more energy  and I could actually feel that I was thirsty.


Goal for improvement: Drink a minimum of 2 sport bottles of water or 48 oz of water in my refillable cup. Limit coffee to 2 mugs a day. Drink more unsweetened brewed ice tea if needed. Add lemon or some fruit to flavor as needed.

I don’t eat enough calories. When I pay attention to what I eat and focus on fruit and veggies I tend not to have enough calories, especially those from protein.  I was really surprised at this one. I thought for sure I would be much higher in calories but unless I ate more carbs in forms of bread my calories were down.

Goal for improvement: Add in a little more calories to breakfast and lunch in terms of whole grains like oatmeal or whole wheat bread with Peanut butter.

I don’t eat enough protein consistently.While I am not a vegetarian I tend to be a “Flexitarian” where I don’t eat much meat except for chicken.  My husband and I decided on having a burger on Tuesday– both of us felt so sluggish afterward that we decided not to exercise that night. We definitely digest chicken a lot easier it seems.Cajun Shrimp

Goal for improvement: I will have to make an effort to  add in more protein like seafood, nut butters, eggs, Greek yogurt and beans.

I actually love vegetables more than fruit.  I made a bunch of salad at one time this week (new habit) and really enjoyed having a salad ready to go. I prepped a bunch of carrots, celery and cukes then added them to a prepped romaine/spinach/ iceberg mix into separate “grab and go” containers. All I needed was some dressing, protein and any other veggies I wanted and I was ready to eat.

No real improvement needed except to add some fruit daily and expand the variety of the veggies I do eat.










I do like to exercise–but I tend to delay until I have someone to do it with. I will exercise with anyone; walk, run, hike, bike. I love to exercise with someone else but need motivation to actually use the treadmill or bike by myself. I never had an issue doing exercise solo until this past year or so. I started hiking with a small group of friends and ran with a couple of ladies. Now solo exercise feels almost like a punishment, not a joy.

Goal for improvement: Make plans to meet up with people for exercise despite the weather. I will also try out exercising to videos to see if that helps to change the motivation.walk1


and now there are 4

and now there are 4




So overall a really good week . I learned a lot about my habits and what I need to do to get healthier. I definitely earned this week’s reward and hope they will help motivate me back into running.




If you have made changes toward eating healthier what are you doing? Do you have a reward system in place or how do you keep yourself motivated?

Take all the steps you need to get where you want to go...including changing the plan as needed.

Take all the steps you need to get where you want to go…including changing the plan as needed.