Flat StanI recently was given the opportunity to have Flat Stanley come and share some adventures with me. Neither of my children have ever read the Flat Stanley books but I was intrigued by the prospect of sharing my little part of the world with his classmates in Massachusetts.

The first adventure we went on was with a friend of mine named Diane and we took Stanley to Sterling Forest State Park for some hiking. Here is a copy of our trail map:  http://nysparks.com/parks/attachments/SterlingForestTrailMap.pdf

I love hiking– you can see some beautiful areas and views because you need to slow down and be mindful of where you are walking, especially in the Fall with all the leaves! We started at the Visitors Center which is by the bottom of the lake (if you are looking at the map ) and after talking to the  ladies inside decided to take the Bare Rock trail.  We took a little trail through the woods to the paved road that led our path just up the street (yellow trail to blue one).

Stan admiring the view of Lake Sterling

Stan admiring the view of Lake Sterling

The trail head for the Bare Rock Vista

If you look at the map we took the orange path and started the climb up to the ridge. Let me tell you that we warmed up quickly and had to remove our outer layer!! It is quite literally all uphill! My friend and I like a bit of a challenge to our hikes and this certainly offered one!


We finally made it to the trail head for the Bare Rock Vista and headed to the cliff to see the view–it was worth the climb!


Greenwood Lake

Overlooking Greenwood Lake







Stanley and Greenwood Lake








It was very windy so we had a quick sip of water and decided to keep going. We went back to the Trail head and continued on the orange trail which thankfully was mostly level for this part. But not for long– then we started heading down hill a bit.

Bare Rock trail and creek









Stan taking a break on the trail– he really liked the stream (but not the creaky trees!)

Around mile 4 we stopped for a quick lunch on top of a small knoll so that we had a good view of the area below us in case there was any wild life in the area. Fortunately there weren’t any and we got to enjoy some quiet time.  I am so glad we did– mile 5 began a complete uphill climb– almost literally a rock scramble!!

Sterling Forest climb


Although it is a rougher climb than just a smooth hill there is just something fun about challenging yourself to keep going when you encounter something like this!  Good hiking boots and a bit of planning out your route make a huge difference between getting stuck and overwhelmed and having a good time!

We finally got to the fire tower but since we were losing daylight we opted to take the shorter 2 mile path back to the visitor center. Still a bit rugged in spots but at least it was down hill from there.

Overall, a really great hike and I will definitely do it again in the spring!

Please note the original image of Flat Stanley is an image from Amazon’s website. The Stan pictured here was drawn by Brady and the photo images were taken by me during our hike.