I hate to admit it but…..I am a control freak!

Ok, maybe freak is too strong a description but I really do feel so much better when I think I am in control of things around me, people included. Realistically I know this is a fantasy but I feel so much less anxious when I think things are going according to plans.

The funny thing is that once you start dealing with other people and outside forces you have to willingly give up control for things to become less anxious and nerve wracking. Sometimes you just need to present the information or opportunity and let it develop on its own. Sometimes it will go the way you hope and other times you are amazed or surprised on how things develop….kinda like the weather.

Example one:

For a long time I actually wrote out a planned menu based on work schedules and activities. When my children were still under my control (well at least in need of chauffeuring) and my husband also worked night shift  I could do it.  Enter driver licenses and job changes and that planner just flew out the window.  Both daughters drive now and the younger one is often out with friends or at the gym. The older one has college related stuff going on. Hubby now works a “Monday to Friday 8-4”  job that often extend to 6 or later and is “on call”  24/7 unless we are out of state.  These days I am happy if I can plan the night before so I can defrost something ahead of time.

Flexibility has a strong learning curve!

Example two:

Exercise and being healthy has been in my life for a very long time. I understand the benefits of being active and eating well and love to share my knowledge.  Its hard when you try to share those things and people just nod their head and do things they way they want to despite agreeing with you.  Sometimes it is even taken to an extreme you had not imagined. My older daughter thrives on information and once convinced of something she is hard to dissuade– she has taken eating better farther than I have and became a vegetarian. Some I think is ethical based but some of it she just finds to be more nutritionally sound based on her own research. Still there are days when she surprises me and I find her eating things I would not normally see her eat like ice cream and oreos.  My younger daughter, hubby (and I) vary in our active/eating  habits but generally we fall back into seeking out the good food I buy and not looking for the junk.

You can fill a pantry with good food, you just can’t make them eat it!

So I guess what I am trying to articulate, and maybe not as well as I can is that “Being in control”  is usually just a figment of our imagination. Even our thoughts take wild trips on their own….but that is what makes Life an adventure.