So I did it tonight—I exercised indoors!

I realized that to really enjoy my time hiking I need to strengthen my core and my quads/hamstring/glute muscles for climbing the steeper hills as well as descending them without falling on my face. My knees and hips could also use some preventative maintenance. Since I really didn’t want to spend hours down there (in the basement) I decided to work on the recumbent bike. I set it for 30 minutes, hill setting and selected the Podrunner “Easygoing” .

The hill setting was a decent workout and the 132 BPM pace was just right for working on the higher resistance levels which varied from 2-8. I do have to say 8 was a little difficult but I pushed through with the help of the music.  Music really does play such a big factor in motivation!! The steady beat has helped keep me moving more times than I care to admit.

I almost wish I had set the timer for a longer time frame but I am sure I will feel it tomorrow.  But you want to know something? I feel relaxed, optimistic and healthy–must be the endorphins kicking in.

So the game plan? Continue to work at the gym for strength training and endurance. This plan from Prevention is a great place to start as well as the core workouts using the balance board, the ball and yoga poses I was doing.  I’m looking forward to a “strong” summer and lifestyle of health.