It seems like forever since I’ve been compelled to “put words to paper”; I’ve had so much going on in my mind with thoughts to think and things to plan that I have not taken the time to slow down and actually think them.

With the more consistent weather here in NY I find myself outside more and more. It is a good thing. Nature provides its own kind of meditation; in Nature everything happens according to its own time table—things cannot be rushed to grow or multi-tasked to get more done.  It happens when it is supposed to. There is life and there is death according to the cycles of Nature.

I find myself working more on a bed that I had started last year, and despite the physical work involved–or maybe because of it- I find my joy and peacefulness increasing.  I am transplanting flowers and plants from other beds around my house in preparations for future projects.  Some of the plants are at the end of their life cycle and I save what I can. Other plants  seemed to spread their roots after removing the competing plants surrounding them.  Such is life; sometimes we need to prune and remove the things holding us back for us to grow into what we are supposed to become.

I find my creative juices flowing again in designing the color schemes and placement of plants for a pleasing balance of color and height.  For whatever reason my desire to create met a road block over the winter; I have not created anything ‘crafty’ since Christmas.  I feel the energy flowing again and it feels like a re-birth.   I look outside at my “yard” and I can imagine other kinds of plant beds and areas to develop for relaxing and I am excited by the prospect (by the way–my yard is 8.5 acres–so the reality keeps me realistic).

Is my energy and enthusiasm related to the changing seasons?  Quite possibly–I thrive on sunlight and being outside.  Whatever the reason, I am grateful for its arrival and the prospect of being creative.