While this is not totally healthy it is worth enjoying every once in a while!! Our New Year’s Eve treat!!

Not Just a Small Town Girl

The recipe name itself is deceiving—it is not really a dip per se and although clams are in the recipe it is not the overwhelming taste you notice when trying it.  I have made this recipe so many times…and always have requests for the recipe. Its been made by request for family and friend’s BBQs, showers and holiday parties (both summer and winter).  Truly it is such an easy and versatile recipe—we generally serve with either Wheat Thins or Frito corn chips but it also goes well with celery or even stuffed in Baked Mushrooms. I have not tried it as a substitute for baked stuffed clams but with minor adjustments it would work well for those short of time.

The original recipe came from a friend named Leeanne who was a neighbor when I was first married. I’m not sure where the recipe originated from but it has not…

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