Very melancholy tonight….thinking in gratitude for all that I have (not just the physical) while so many others are having a very hard time this Christmas season. So many personal tragedies that we hear about, and many that we do not. And yet, somehow we persere through it all; the illnesses, the financial hardships, families separated by distance or heartache.

So what gives us the strength to go on?


Hope that tomorrow will be a better day.
Hope that the tides will turn on misfortune.
Hope that the ill will become whole once more.

For some that Hope is just a short distance away–family and friends who are supportive and do what they can to help out. Others may not be so lucky. This is my heartfelt wish for all of you this Giving Season: no matter your faith or beliefs, may you have Hope. Share it with someone in need or be open to receive it with a willing spirit. Its time to forget the boundaries that hold us back and give from our hearts; simple gestures of good will mean more to each hurting soul than a grand gesture ever will. Check in on your elderly neighbors or the single mom/dad and see if they can use a hand….or just let them know they are not alone in their trials. Buy a cup of coffee for a random stranger. Drop off a bag of groceries to the local food pantry.

Give from your heart this year, spread some Hope.

My very best~ Janice