Something I have to remember every day–each decision I make, each action I take leads me closer to the person I am meant to become.  I am no longer the person I was growing up, or even the person I was last month.  Every day I think new thoughts and try out new ideas…..I am reborn daily.

This is something I am trying to instill in my daughters; the fact that they can change who they are anytime they want.  They don’t have to be who their friends or teachers think they are. They are allowed to become more and experience new things as often as they feel the need.

My older daughter is in her first year at college and I tried to impress on her the wonderful opportunity she has in front of her; there are so few people there that she knows from high school that she can be anyone she chooses without it being compared to who she was.  Not that it is required, but the opportunity exists to grow beyond her own idea of who she was and become who she dreams of.