Long story, short version….we were “net-less” for about a week due to an issue with the cable line. Truth be told we had been having issues on and off but this time it was down for the count. NO internet, at all, unless you found a wi-fi spot to borrow it from.

I’ll admit, it was tough this instantaneous withdrawal from all things net. The first day was not bad since I had used it in the morning but the first full day without it was anxiety filled–how would I check Facebook? Check my mail? Pay my bills????

I did use a wifi spot to check on mail but not any social media. I used the secure site at my daughters college to pay her tuition but otherwise I was doing it cold turnkey…..and you know what? I survived! AND I got a ton of stuff done around my house and yard…..without internet breaks to distract me I de-cluttered, rearranged rooms, did yardwork and just all around got things done.

So now that I have it back as an option I really do need to re-think things. Do I really need 4 Facebook pages (one personal, 3 motivational)? Do I need 2 WordPress pages? Instead of emailing I can just call someone…..imagine that!

My goal is to set limits on my internet time. Do what has to get done and get off and enjoy life. Real life.

Are you considering an “internet intervention”?  Let me know how it goes! ~Janice


Disclaimer–the images seen here were obtained from Google images, they are not mine–my thanks to their creators!