Medical people in general do not like to follow directions.

I know that I really do have a hard time taking my pills everyday.  Perhaps because most of them are supplements, prescribed by my doctor (actually my PA) and only 1 is an actual medication so I don’t feel the urgency to take them.

I don’t know.

I finally broke down and got one of these pill things so I could see how many days I DON”T take my pills vs the times I DO take it. It was an eye opener.  The thing is, I do understand the reason why I need to take the Vitamin D, the folic acid, the Slow Fe and the Magnesium. They are important for me to take for my heart function and when I don’t take them I do feel it.

So what to do about it?

I made a deal with myself–I can’t have a second cup of coffee unless I take the pills. I love coffee! Let’s just say the compliance is rapidly improving!

How do you motivate yourself to do things you don’t feel like doing?