Today my oldest daughter started a new life at college; she and I have shared some wonderful memories this summer and I hope they help her remember just how much we believe in her.

She is only 30 minutes from our home, mere miles away but it feels like a different world.  Were I able to, I would join her in this experience–I’ve graduated from college but never lived on campus. I can see that she will have many wonderful experiences and chances to grow beyond our little world. She will become part of a new Nation, that of academia and learning. I am glad for her.

But she takes just a bit of my heart with her. She is my oldest, my firstborn. She helped teach me what it means to be a mother and how to make some of the tough choices of parenting. Not always the best parent, but a really good one. How to encourage without smothering, how to push without losing sight of her desires, how to allow her to go off on her own.

So for now, my heart will have two addresses; one here at home with my husband and younger daughter and one with her at college, wishing her the very best.

Disclaimer: Image courtesy of Google Images, my thanks to its creator.