I know it sounds odd but I like getting dirty….the kind in the garden that is. There is just something so soothing about digging in the dirt and seeing things grow. I love smelling my hands after touching tomato plants and the smell of the soil after it rains! I feel calm in the garden; maybe not when I first get there but certainly after being there for a few minutes.  Nature does not rush, all things happen on their own timeline…a tomato is ripe when it is done growing, not before.  When I am in the garden I can listen to my wind chimes sing their song, feel the breeze blowing my hair and just be calm, allowing myself to become part of the rhythm of the world around me.

Are you feeling a bit out of sync with your world? Slow down a bit and play in the dirt–even a patio garden will do the trick. You can’t really rush Nature, she has her own time table and you will learn to slow down and wait for things to happen. While you are waiting, enjoy the world around you; its right there waiting for you to notice it.