It always amazes me–I’ve been married more than half of my adult life!  Sometimes I wonder how we survived that long; so many of our friends that married around the same time are no longer together. What made ours one that worked out?

Our relationship has been far from perfect and has hit a few speed bumps but its grown into something strong. We definitely don’t share all the same thoughts, beliefs or even music preferences, but that is okay too. I think its because we grown as people, maintaining our individuality while growing together as a couple.

There have been days between our two jobs (a cop and a nurse, yes cliche but true story) that you just need a bit of separation to decompress, but between jobs and family it may not always work out that way. He is also from a military background serving in the Marines both active duty and reserves so he is not a big talker but is fiercely patriotic and often sentimental over things I don’t quite get. But what I do get is just how important family is to him.

I think what has made our relationship become stronger over the years has been our focus on family. We rarely used childcare, except when both of us worked a night shift so there was always one of us around for our daughters. We rarely go out to do something, whether it is to shop, eat or go to the movies without one or both kids, even now. Its not that we can’t; its just that has been such a focal point that its just normal.


Maybe its that we have learned patience and tolerance. Its not easy to keep my comments and critique to myself when he drives me nuts…but you know, I’m sure it goes both ways. We both have our little foibles and traits that make us who we are. Do I try to work on the things that make him frustrated?–yes, when I can as long as it doesn’t make me act unlike myself.  Most of the time I’ve found that as long as I approach my ‘critique’ in a way that is not threatening or crabby he will do the same for me.

We have so much to be thankful for as well. And I am not talking material things only.  We do love each other in the truest sense of the word–accepting that person through good and bad times, bills, illness or really important moments. Accepting someone on their core level is a really hard thing-one which we constantly work on since we are also evolving daily with new challenges in jobs and our children growing up.

So–Happy Anniversary to my husband of 24 years–better or worse, there is no place I would rather be or no one I’d rather be here with! Looking forward to another 24 or more!