I know I can’t be the only one!!

Do you have to explain to the other people you live with the purpose of a dishwasher?

I have this cartoon hanging on the wall above my counter that houses the dishwasher….and for whatever reason the dishes rarely make it INSIDE the dishwasher!! They are brought to the counter, put in the sink, left on the table or…heaven only knows why they would still be on the table next to the couch!!

Just as much as the fight to get the dishes inside the dishwasher, I also have to pester, badger and remind the “other people” in my house that they can actually be put away and you don’t have to use them directly from the dishwasher.

OK, so I am exaggerating just a bit but you get the idea. As much as it is a time saver it really isn’t a Mom energy saver. There are days that I give in and just put the stuff into and out of the dishwasher but that is only for my own sanity.