I think I am finally at the point where I realized a major Truth: I am who I am.


It might not be in every situation but I am no longer “obsessed” with wanting to make sure people like me or are happy with my choices.  I’ve come a long way from the days where I was such a people pleaser that I forgot how to be me.  Whether it was family, friends or work  I always put my needs last. I got to them if there was time. And often there was not, so I just muddled on as I was.

I can’t really pinpoint when it happened but I am no longer suffering from the guilt of doing things I want or feel the need to do. I’ll get to the other stuff, eventually. The thing I finally realized: if I am not being supportive of my own needs I am cheating myself of a full life. By trying to be self supportive I find I am more willing, not obligated, to do things for others….even if it means that sometimes my needs are delayed, but because I choose to–and not because I have to.


Disclaimer: Image was obtained from Google Images, my thanks to its creator.