I’ll admit it: I am a planner!

I’m getting better at being a “go with the flow” kind of girl but its hard giving up list making and plotting things out. Its wonderful for when I am at work (I work as a RN) but sometimes hard to be more flexible at home.

I’m gonna say its because of the intrinsic work ethic I have. I really do find great difficulty in just sitting and relaxing. I always feel there is something constructive I should be doing. I get this from my Mom. She is 81 this year and probably is the hardest working person I know!

But there is hope, she is learning to take time every day to read a book or just do something she enjoys without it having to accomplish anything.  If she can do it, so can I!

I started a garden this year and I am enjoying it so far. I like going out and looking at the little seeds spouts pushing their way up from the soil. It was alot of work to get it going but now the ‘be in the moment’ stuff starts. I can go out, listen to the birds and enjoy the sun, the breeze and just be in the moment……

How do you re-focus yourself to ‘live in the moment’ and not just look forward to “someday”?