I know muscles are important. Really I do!! But it is something that you need to be ready for and commit to for LASTING Effects. Muscles do more than just burn extra calories, they provide support for our bones and protection for our organs.

Well, this week I started using the weights again. Its kinda like riding a bike; once you get back in the game you remember how to do it. The first day was tough, even though I had ‘working muscles’ from yard work it was not the same. Its a little different when you focus on individual muscles instead of using muscle groups.

Yesterday I did a more involved routine….and although I only did one set of each exercise it was until “failure”–I couldn’t do more with proper form. And you know what? I really enjoyed it and there was no soreness today.  My goal is not to become super toned and have a competition body but I am looking forward to more definition and strength.

Who knows–I might even get strong enough to arm wrestle the boys…..




(Disclaimer: Images obtained from Google Images–my thanks to their creators!)