There is just something soothing about being by the Sea; I’m not sure if its the sound of the waves, the briny salt air or the breezes that keep the air refreshing, but I am drawn to it.

We’ve been “part time residents” (AKA off Islanders) of Cape Cod for many years now, for my husband since he was a little boy and for me since I’ve been with my husband. We’ve rented one room cottages, small houses near lakes, bigger houses inland and stayed with my inlaws.  The place we stay is secondary; its the water we craved. Back when it was just my husband and myself  or when my girls were little we were on the water every day. Whether it was sailing, motor boating, sailboarding/wind surfing or just playing on the beach we were interacting with the water. We had very little time for anything else because there was always something to do in the water. It re-charged our spirits being in the salt water.

Unfortunately my children are at the point where they are not drawn to the beach and water anymore. They will go on the boat, albeit grudgingly but we spend much of our vacation shopping, staying in the house or sometimes sight seeing ie driving in the car looking for something to do. We do go bike riding and walking/running to the beach but not usually on the beach. I no longer feel as anxious to go on vacation or as refreshed on returning home. I really do believe that it is our withdrawal from the water that makes it feel that way.  My husband will go sailing, with my blessing, almost daily but it is not the same without the family interaction.  I hope my children will grow out of this reluctance and re-embrace the comfort and restorative powers of the Sea.

Fortunately we are approaching the time where my daughters will be old enough to leave for a quick weekend retreat to the Cape. We keep a Sunfish at my in-laws vacation house so it is just a matter of bringing it down to a launch and setting the rigging, quick and easy. I’m pretty sure I can convince them to go on the motor boat on a nearby lake or river, just for cruising speed and a relaxing on boat picnic.  All I know is that I need to reconnect with water…and the sooner the better!

When both girls are done with college and we decide to retire it will be a toss up between the Cape and Florida. I love the New England feel over the Southern one, but there is something to be said for being about to be outside year round. Either way it will be near the water, so even in my old age I can enjoy the sounds of the Sea.