Too many people, when they are thinking about “being healthy”, think about  it in an all or nothing mentality. They have to be 100% gung ho in eliminating all “junk food” from their body and be a gym rat for hours a day.

I’m going to challenge that thought.

Being healthy and fit does NOT mean you have to have a rock hard sculpted body that has super low body fat. If fact the percentage of people who achieve that look is probably very low compared to healthy people who are physically fit or working toward it.

1–Eat cleanly. To me this means eating the least amount of processed food possible. If its “man made” there has to be a natural alternative to it.  Our bodies should not be forced to constantly process all the chemicals in pre-made or processed food. All the preservatives and things you can’t pronounce really are not a great thing to put in our bodies. Try to stick as close to nature as possible–fresh fruit and vegetables, prepared at home will always be better than anything processed. Lean meats and proteins like eggs and peanut butter.  Try to keep sugar and salts in reasonable amounts.

2-Get your body moving. Being active does not require a gym membership or special equipment. Its as simple as putting on a good pair of walking or running shoes and heading outside. Strength training exercises can start with body weight and then work up to free weights or alternates. Run around outside with the kids or dog. Dance to your favorite music. Fitness videos and group classes abound. There truly is no reason to force yourself to make exercise something to dread. Find something that you like to do and then do it. Its as simple as getting off the couch!! All activity counts– it just matters what level of fitness you are trying to achieve.

3-Drink lots of water.  Fluid intake is vital to a healthy body. Water is probably the best hydrator around but if you dislike it plain add a splash of lemon or juice. Ice tea, especially decaf, is a good alternate. Whatever you choose to do try to keep it low calorie and drink lots of it, generally 8 cups a day and then add 1 cup (or more) for each hour of exercise to counter sweat loss. If you are eating cleanly and adding fiber you definitely need to keep levels high to keep digestion working well. If you feel thirsty you are already mildly dehydrated.

Just doing these simple things help keep you moving on your path to health and wellness….you’ll look and feel better and people will begin to notice. Take them along with you on your journey–its always nice to have company and a support system to keep you going strong!!  There are all levels of fitness , find the one that fits your lifestyle.


Disclaimer: Image was found on google images–my thanks to its creator.