I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately: why do we define ourselves by our size?  We let the media and others tell us who we are and what is acceptable based on the number in our clothes and on our scales. Intellectually I know I am much more than that but it’s almost a kind of “self prejudice” on how I treat myself.  Would I be a better person if I were a size 2 or 4 (instead of a 6 or 8)? I think not! I WAS a loose size 4 (on bottom) at one point after having my kids and I was not any happier-in fact I may have been more crabby because I was so focused on food and exercise I did not leave myself time for having fun and relaxing.

The funny thing about losing / gaining weight? In our minds we are still the size we HAD been when we started until we see ourselves in a picture or try on new clothes.  After I had my daughters I went back to Weight Watchers to get back on track and focused….and I did well. Almost too well because I got so thin people started to comment on just how thin I was…and yet I was not at the “goal weight” determined by WW.  I think I finally got a grasp on the change when my husband pressured me into getting some new clothes since mine were getting “a little baggy”. I resisted because I wasn’t at goal and didn’t want to waste money. Finally I went to a local consignment store so I could get smaller ones and save money; I was shocked! I had been wearing a snug size 10 when I started but had to keep on trying smaller sizes until I got to a size 4…yes, quite a difference but in my mind I was still that size 10 girl.

I still have issues with certain words like “fat” and “skinny”–both are words that can hurt and cause harm.  Who determines what size those words reflect?  My interpretation of “being fat” more than likely will not be the same as someone else of a different size (both smaller and larger). WHAT DOES IT MATTER??  Our exterior is only temporary, its something that can always change with healthy eating, exercise and a great support system. It doesn’t describe or capture who we are inside, what makes us unique from anyone else.

But the words– those are harder to erase the effect they have on someone. Fat, skinny, beanpole,brickhouse,tubby….

They are words that can be used for bullying.  I cringe when I hear someone say “look how fat/skinny that person is!” Even when someone changes how they look they can still be influenced by those hurtful words.  Think before you comment–people are so much more than their size. If you need to judge then do it based on how they treat others and themselves. Evaluate them on their ‘heart’ and the compassion they show others….but never on size!





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