Maybe its just me but I have an issue with modesty, or  really its the lack there of.

I see so many people that have no problem exposing more skin than the world really needs to see.  Maybe I’m too modest but I don’t think that women and teenage girls need to practically bare their chests to be considered attractive. Whatever happened to leaving something to the imagination?  I think much of the image problem is the media, both print and TV/cable that promote the idea that being sexy means showing as much cleavage as possible to be the norm.  Seriously-do I really need to be able to look down your shirt to find someone beautiful? There just has to be a limit to what is considered appropriate exposure.

When you look back on old pictures of starlets and those in the public eye you saw more than just skin; there was class. Sexy was an idea, a feeling of confidence in your self worth. It was there, just not the “in your face begging to be noticed” kind. Clothes were more tasteful and gave a hint, not over exposure. Just tight enough to be playful and suggestive but still modest.

So what has changed in the last few decades? I think alot has to do with music videos and reality shows–you can get away with a whole lot more on a cable show like MTV or Jersey Shore than on public TV where things are more closely regulated.  I remember my niece (who babysat for us) not understanding why we didn’t allow the girls to watch or listen to Britney Spears or other singers like her. We had to explain that was not the image we wanted our girls to think was normal and acceptable behavior. Don’t even get me started on what cable shows promote as normal and acceptable behavior for women.

We need to claim back what is considered sexy. Strong confident women who know their own worth. Clothes that accentuate our curves and individual beauty without showing all we have. Sexy is an attitude….I think its time to make it classy again!