Years ago I was so into fitness and “being healthy” that it was all I thought about–meal planning down to what my snack would be, exercising at the gym and then extra walking at home, measuring/ weighing my food and body….you get the idea.

Then Life intervened and I was caught up in work, family and home….and little ‘free time’ to myself in which to exercise. I would go through spurts of being really active with doing nothing–kind of an “all or nothing” mentality.

Fast forward to now. It took alot of thinking and understanding to acknowledge that being healthy is not the same as being thin and ‘perfect’. That I needed to claim responsibility for my own health and make it a priority in my life. I started by trying to eat better by making small changes that I could live with like cutting back on the sugar in my coffee but not eliminating it altogether. Eating more veges and fruit–generally making better choices.

I started walking 30 minutes 3 times a week then added the bike. Then I progressed to running intervals….and my body complained–loudly and creakily. Time for reality–I’m not going to be a runner, atleast not now.  So what to do?–re-think exercise. By understanding that my body sees only being active, and not the specific activity, I added in ‘non traditional’ activity like gardening, yard work, carrying firewood–and you know what? My body did not care-I continued to lose weight and inches because I am moving more and eating better.

So I am not perfect–and you know what? It ok; I’m strong and feel healthier than ever. And the best part–my husband and both daughters are also focusing on their health as well. THIS is something we can all live with and make a permanent part of our lives. Its about making the best of the situation you are given, dealing with the choices and moving on. If today was not a great health day, then we refocus and make tomorrow a better one.

Its all about balance because it ALL counts.

(image is not mine, it was found on googleimages–thanks go to its owner)