So what does it mean-“being at home with myself”?

To me “home” has always been a place where you can go and be yourself; you can leave the world at the door and allow your true person to emerge. The face that you show to the world can be set aside for a time and you can discover who you want to become.  It is being able to retreat to the ‘quiet place inside ourselves’ where dreams are born and memories endure.

But why is it so important to “feel comfortable in our own skin”? For me it is part of understanding myself; if I can understand the reason behind my thoughts, beliefs and actions I can accept who I am and allow others to do the same. When you believe in your decisions and thoughts you allow yourself to grow and adapt more easily into new ideas and ways of thinking–confidence allows you to entertain other outlooks without being threatened because you know who you are at your core being.